Front Loading Washer

Front Loading Washer Woe

While front loading washing machines originated in Europe, they have been steadily increasing in popularity in North America. Due to their greater energy efficiency, comparatively larger load capacity and greatly reduced water usage, front load washers have become the first choice for many Canadians. The only unfortunate downside to these new found heroes of the laundry room is a foul odour they often begin to emit after several months of usage.

In order to combat this problem, it is helpful to understand the origin of this odour. Front

Front Loading Washer

Front Loading Washer

loading washing machines have seals, as well as soap dispensers that provide an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to hide. The foul odour is caused by this mold and bacteria which actually feed on soapy residue that lodges around nooks and crannies. Making the environment in your front loading washer inhospitable to mold and bacteria will eliminate the nasty smell. Cleaning around seals and other nooks and crannies with a germicidal or bleach solution will help remove residue and mold. Because these uninvited guests also need moisture to survive, it is useful to keep the door to your front loading washer open when it is not in use.

Molds and bacteria thrive in warm conditions but not in extreme heat. If your washing machine has a heat cycle that super-heats the water, it would be wise to employ this special cycle, or the hottest setting you are able, at least once a week to help kill bacteria. If you are in the market for a front loading washer, it might be wise to consider the benefit of this special heat cycle found in many European front loading models. The wash water is super-heated by a source within the washer itself rather than from the hot water faucet feeding your machine. Not only is this high heat useful in combating mold and bacteria, it is an excellent way to brighten whites without the use of caustic chemicals such as chlorine bleach.

Fortunately there are also good products on the market that help rid your washer of residue keeping it smelling fresh and clean. Affresh, Smelly Washer and OdoBan are all effective products and very convenient to use. Even if you don’t have a problem with a smelly front loader, I would recommend the occasional use of these products as a preventative measure. They are safe for your washer and approved for use with septic tanks as well.
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Calgary Hard Water & Dishwashers

Gord’s Appliance Speaks on Calgary Hard Water & Dishwashers

Most of us in the Calgary area are familiar with hard water and its effects on large and small household appliances, skin, plumbing, etc. There are a couple of variables affecting the hardness of Calgary water that you may not be aware. The water source for north Calgary is the Bow River which has lower levels of hardness than south Calgary which gets its water from the Elbow River. Water hardness is also a seasonal Clean Dishwarephenomenon, with higher levels of hardness occurring in the winter and lower levels in the summer.

Water hardness affects the amount of build up in your dishwasher, which will in turn influence your machine’s effectiveness. When mineral deposits build up in your dishwasher, its cleaning capacity is diminished and trapped particles of food can cause an unpleasant odour. Because of changes in the amount of phosphates available in dish-washing detergent, soaps are less effective at reducing the amount of minerals that are deposited in your dishwasher. However, there are a variety of products on the market that will rid your dishwasher of these build ups enabling it to work more efficiently and helping to leave it smelling fresh and clean. One of the best products is called Affresh. Safe for septic tanks and for North American and European dishwasher models, Affresh is available in appliance parts stores.

The recommendation is to use two Affresh cleaning tablets in your dishwasher once a month, or as needed. Simply place one tablet in the main detergent tray and a second tablet in the bottom of the dishwasher and run your machine on its most robust cycle. Be sure that all dish-ware and cutlery has been removed. It’s an easy way to keep your dishwasher functioning at its best.

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Gord Haines is a journeyman appliance technician with over 25 years of experience.

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