Hand holding a clothes dryer lint filter that is covered with lint.

Dryer Maintenance

Dryer Maintenance and Care

While most people outside of Canada and the United States live without a clothes dryer, most of us can’t imagine life without the convenience of a dryer. Because most of us own a dryer, it is a good idea to know how to care and maintain one. Improper dryer maintenance can result in increased energy consumption, decreased dryer efficiency and even the risk of fire.

Dryer Maintenance – Cleaning of the lint trap.

The first place to start is the lint trap on your dryer. It is of paramount importance that this lint trap be cleaned out prior to every usage. In fact, clothing or towels that are highly lint producing may even necessitate cleaning of the lint trap half way through the cycle. The less lint in the trap, the more efficiently your dryer will operate. Periodically use the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the area that houses the lint trap as some lint will accumulate there as well. If you are in the practice of using dryer sheets regularly, wash your lint screen once a month with boiling water and ammonia or a multi-purpose cleaner. Dryer sheets leave a build-up of tallow on the lint screen which will impede the flow of air. Keeping air flowing freely increases your dryer’s efficiency.

Next, examine your dryer’s duct system to ensure there are no blockages or crimping. It is a good idea to remove the exhaust duct once a year and clean it out. If your dryer’s duct is plastic, please have it replaced immediately with aluminium  Plastic ducts on dryers are not code compliant. Also check the exhaust vent louvre located on the exterior of your house to be sure that none of the moving parts has seized shut and remove lint and stray debris.

Be sure your dryer is plugged into the appropriate receptacle – never use extension cords on appliances. Finally, while proper maintenance greatly reduces the risk of fire, no appliance is 100% infallible so it is always best to operate a dryer when someone is at home. Good dryer maintenance and care not only makes for a safer dryer, it also extends its life and helps it to operate optimally.

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