30283015 - light blue laundry room with modern steel appliances and white cabinets

Laundry Appliance Trends

Home design trends are constantly changing. The massive shift in the color of appliances over the decades is the most glaring example. If you’re planning on replacing your washer and dryer anytime soon, you should know about these three emerging laundry appliance trends.

Style Without Boundaries

laundry appliance

light blue laundry room with modern steel appliances and white cabinets

A quick glance at older appliances reveals the evolution of trends over the years. Today’s appliances combine top performance with sleek designs, which means you don’t have to sacrifice either.

laundry appliance

laundry room with modern appliances and light tone cabinets

New features in your laundry appliance include greater capacity, reduced cycle time and time- and water-saving features. Some washers feature built-in soaking tubs or hotter water temperatures for added stain-removing power. If you prefer high-tech features, there are appliances that can connect to your smartphone. If you’re constantly busy, a moisture-sensing dryer can save you time spent checking on wet clothes and running multiple dryer cycles.

Laundry Appliance – Change of Location

It used to be that laundry was only done in the laundry room, but this is no longer the case. Newer washers and dryers can be conveniently tucked into other rooms, giving you easy access where you need it most. Gone are the days of stopping what you’re doing to trek to an inconvenient location and check on your laundry.

If space is a concern, laundry appliances can be purchased in stacking combinations or other space-saving designs or built into cabinets to remain out of sight.

Water and Energy Conservation

Two of the biggest environmental concerns today are the use of water and energy. To accommodate these concerns, washers and dryers have been built to conserve these resources as much as possible. More efficient machines use about half the water to wash the same or a larger amount of clothes.

Perhaps the best part about switching to appliances that more efficiently use energy and water is that it also saves you money on your utility bills, especially if you have a large family. According to ENERGY STAR, switching to a more efficient washer can save as much as 10 gallons of water per wash cycle and $40 on your electric bill yearly, and that’s without the savings of an energy-efficient dryer.

If you’re ready for new laundry appliances, consider looking into some of the newer washer and dryer trends. While some features may be of little or no use to you, it’s best to stay on top of emerging trends in both style and performance.

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