Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens – Perfect for Calgary

There is no doubt about it, we Albertans covet our summers.  After enduring what can be 6 solid months of winter, and a month of iffy weather on either end, most of us are desperate for summer.  Alas, our beloved summer makes a brief appearance and all too soon the leaves begin to fall.  Once again summer has left us wanting more.  It is not surprising that outdoor kitchens have become so popular in the Calgary area.  More than just a new trend in home design, outdoor kitchens are very practical.  They allow you to maximize your enjoyment of summer and can even help you to extend it beyond Mother Nature’s parameters.

Along with extending your summer, outdoor kitchens also extend your useable living

Outdoor Kitchen

space.  Never again must you miss half of a gathering running in and out for stray condiments and cutlery or whatever else you need from the kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens can be fully outfitted so that you are entertaining in a self-contained unit and the clean-up can be as easy as a quick hosing off.  When it comes to outdoor kitchens, the sky is the limit – literally.

Outdoor Refrigerators, Refrigerated Drawers, Warming Drawers, Grills, Ice Makers, Wine Coolers

Gone are the days of a simple stand-alone BBQ.  Manufacturers of kitchen appliances have gotten in on the action and are now producing outdoor kitchen appliances.  Sub-Zero, Wolf and Viking for example, carry an entire outdoor kitchen series, complete with under-counter refrigerator, ice machine, refrigerated drawers, grills, burners, warming drawers, storage drawers and cabinets.  All constructed with high grade, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.  Viking states that their outdoor kitchen appliances are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and have been tested and certified for outdoor use.

For those with generous budgets there are contractors who specialize in outdoor kitchens and can design something complete with landscaping to go with your home’s exterior.  Usually outdoor kitchens are constructed with all-weather materials for durability and a natural looking esthetic, as well as easy clean-up and maintenance. The addition of a natural gas fireplace can help stave off that autumn chill so you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen longer.

A modest budget doesn’t mean the end of your outdoor kitchen dreams, it just necessitates a more thoughtful approach.  Start by laying the ground work such as the deck or patio and then add what you can every year.  Be sure to run any electricity or gas lines that you are going to want for any future appliances so that you don’t have to dig or rip anything up later.  A rolling cart and a BBQ are an inexpensive way to begin outfitting your outdoor kitchen.  Because they are built to withstand the elements, outdoor versions of refrigerators, ice makers, wine coolers, warming drawers, grills and burners are more expensive than their indoor counterparts, so keep your eyes open for sales and be patient.  Don’t wait until you have your dream kitchen outdoors, make the most of what you have right now and add your outdoor kitchen appliances as you are able.

Outdoor Kitchen

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