The Alternative Lifestyle of a Small Appliance

These days DIY projects are taking over the internet. Everywhere there seems to be new and interesting DIY ideas and these often include different ways to use everyday objects. Examples of this are turning a t-shirt into a dress or using a brown paper bag to make popcorn. Today I thought I would join into this trend by showing different ways small appliances can be used. I want to acknowledge that I do not repair small appliances and if you try these “creative ideas”, warranties may be voided.

The Coffee Maker:

While some of us may have changed over to a one-cup style coffee maker, the original multi-cup kind can be used to serve many other uses apart from making coffee due to its speedy delivery of heated water. Here are just a few of the ways a coffee maker can be used:

With small frying pans an egg can easily be fried on the coffee pot burner. Many small frying pans come in shapes like hearts or maple leafs making an especially festive breakfast.  The burner can also be used to make grilled cheese sandwiches just like using the stove.

With water in the coffee pot you can re-heat veggies such as broccoli, asparagus, and carrots. While I am not positive if this is quicker than the stove, this can be especially handy on holidays when there is so much to cook! Be sure when you are done to turn everything off.

A one-cup coffee maker can also be a wonderful way to make your favourite cup of noodles. If you’re in the need for a quick fix for some ramen noodles, this is a handy way to get them ready very quickly.

Waffle Iron:

You can cook your bacon nice and crispy by cutting four pieces in half and laying them length wise on the waffle iron.  For this use, be sure to wait for the iron to cool down to drain the bacon and wash well to avoid having bacon-y waffles next time.  (Please note, never pour grease down the kitchen drain or garbage disposal.  Pour it into used can or container, wait for it to congeal, and discard in the household garbage.)

Quesadillas almost seem like they were made for waffle irons. The tortillas fit onto the iron perfectly. Place one tortilla onto the iron followed by cheese and any of the toppings you like with another tortilla on top.

You can heat store-bought cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron and have waffle-pressed, delicious cinnamon buns for breakfast or coffee break. The same can be done with cookie dough.

Make your own personalized pizzas with the waffle iron by first making your own dough, then pressing it, adding pizza sauce, cheese, and all your favourite pizza toppings.

Toaster Oven:

Fruit can be dehydrated in the oven slowly and carefully and with a watchful eye. While a larger batch of fruit can also be dehydrated in the range, the toaster oven can be handy for smaller amounts.

Another way to cook bacon is in the toaster oven. Considered to be clean and tidy way to bake it, bacon on top of aluminum foil in the toaster oven is a great way to cook bacon with easy clean up. Be sure to fold up the sides of the aluminum foil to make a lip and avoid the bacon grease from escaping into the oven.  Grease is highly flammable and should not come into direct contact with the element or flame of your range.

Those are just a few of the alternative uses for a coffee maker, waffle iron, and toaster oven. Do you have an alternate use for a small appliance? Let me know in the comments below!

Finally, I want to reiterate that I do not repair small appliances and if you try using any appliance for a purpose outside of your manufacturer’s guidelines, warranties may be voided, as well as your homeowner’s insurance in the event of a fire.  The need for caution cannot be overstated.

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