Beautiful young woman refreshing herself with clear water from a leaf in the nature. Symbol of purity and nature harmony

Water is just Water

Part 1 of a 5 part series of water in your home.

Water is just water, right?  Not true!  You may be surprised to learn that water is not just water, after all.  There are actually many different types of water.  Although you have likely never thought about it, that wonderful liquid that you have come to know and trust has unique characteristics depending on where you’re at, where it’s coming from, and how it’s ultimately getting to you in your home.

You can’t fix a problem until you know about the problem, so we’re here to tell you a little bit more about water and its effects on you and your home.  Don’t worry; although there are many types of water, you have come to the right place to learn more about them without getting overwhelmed.  Here, you will learn a little bit more about some various types of water, and we’ll help you understand how to analyse your own water so that you know what you’re dealing with.  It’s not as scary or time consuming as it may seem, and we’re here to help!

Why would you care what kind of water you have in the first place?  Well, besides different health effects that varying minerals, contaminants, hardness or softness of water, and other potential ingredients that can be present in your liquid friend, your appliances are also affected.  Just as humans are affected by how much or how little hydration and lubrication they have, machines and appliances are equally affected.  Think about it this way:  Most of the liquid that you consume likely has some amount of water in it, but the difference in purity will affect your performance.  An athlete isn’t likely to perform at his or her best after a few beers that contain some amount of water.  Just the same, your home appliances aren’t going to perform to their optimal levels if they’re using a ton of contaminants mixed with a little bit of pure water.  It may seem like a stretch, but it’s actually a pretty accurate analogy, and once you understand the different types of water and how they’re affecting your appliances, you can take the appropriate steps to get those household helpers up and running at Gold Medal winning levels.

Speaking of appliances, are there some appliances that are better for your home than others?  Of course there are!  In fact, in this age of “green is everybody’s favorite color” there are tons of options to help you make the best use of your water usage, no matter what kind of water you have.  Looking for the best ways to make your household appliances keep your dishes and clothes happy while doing the same favor for your wallet?  We’ll explore the steps that the industry has taken to change the word “green” from a color to a way of life.  Just as the idea of many different types of water can seem a little overwhelming at first, we understand that the choice of too many appliances can be equally as overwhelming.  Rest assured, that it’s not as scary as it sounds, and with our professional hands here to guide you along the way, you’ll come out of the process with a better understanding of the green machines that can make your home happy and keep a little bit more green paper in your pocket, as well!

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